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Keep Your Hands Free With Louis Vuitton Babylone Shoulder Handba

The weight that a lady carries on her shoulders with the handbag on would depend upon the number of things that she would call essentials. The list of essentials would differ from one woman to another but there are certain things which would remain the same for everyone.

Women would typically carry cell phones in their bags. The weight of the cell phone would vary depending on the kind of the model one has. Though, it should not be contributing that much as women like the light weight slim phones as compared to the bulky and heavy ones. Then, she would definitely have a small vanity pouch in the bag. The weight of the cosmetics should not be much, but one never knows if the lady is carrying moisturizers and body lotions along in the bags. And in case, these bottles are anything but the mini handbag bottles, the weight of these could be counted in.

The wallet and the coin purse would be the next that a woman would definitely carry in her bag. In case, the coin purse is a serious business, the weight of the coins could add pounds to the bag. A couple of clothes like a pair or bikini, or a cap, a silk scarf and all things of that nature would add to the bulk of the bag. Women would usually have cloth bag for an impulsive grocery or other shopping. Carrying an extra shade and a pair of eye glasses is also noticed. Umbrellas and wet tissues would also add to the total weight of the bags.

The above mentioned things are the bare minimum. Women would keep adding to the list as per their specific needs and thus the weight of the bag would be always on a rising edge. Considering that, women should be looking at the actual weight of the handbag they are going for. As with the things that would go into the bag, the bag would also have some additional weight. And all this weight would total up to the burden to the delicate shoulder of a woman. Bags like Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Babylone Handbag could be considered the one that would not only have strong handles but at the same time would have the least weight.

Buying designer bags could not be easy for everyone, hence, the replicas or the imitation designer bags could be looked at as an alternative. Imitations can be available at less than half the prices at the Louis Vuitton fake collection. That doesn't mean that it would be only non- designer bags that could be available to match the ideal weight criteria. Taking time out to wonder about the local market could also help women with many cost effective options. There are non-designer brands in the market which are known for quality.