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Nike Skateboarding Sneaks

Nike skateboarding, or Nike SB, as it is known, is becoming a must-have pair of shoes these days. You can definitely see the appeal as it is stylish and comfortable, which are key elements when aiming your product at the skateboarding community. Skateboarding in itself has brought many other brands to the mainstream such as Hurley, Fenchurch and DC.

Nike SB Dunks are extremely popular and can be tough to get a hold of. Nike push them as being the best out there and when they release a pair they choose specific markets and limited quantities to be distributed. This can result in them being difficult to find in your local store but like everything else you will find them online. I have myself got a couple pairs and online it is the easiest and surest way to get them.

Nike SB was a line introduced in 2002 when extreme sports were becoming a worldwide craze. To promote the brand Nike a massive advertising campaign to compete in this market with other already established brands, they also advertised in the very well known skateboarding magazines "Transworld" and "Thrasher". As well as all this they sponsored skateboarding events around the world in order to develop the brand. Outside of the sneaker itself Nike have got their own skateboarding team in order to promote them in the same way Supra have their own skate team. You only have to head to YouTube to see these guys doing what they do best all over the world in Nike SB sneakers of course.

Nike SB continues to grow each year and with the power the brand has I believe they will be unstoppable. They are coming out with so many variations under the name SB i am sure you will find one to suit your look.