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The Process Of Choosing A Suitable Party Venue

Deciding on the venue of a party is one of the most important decisions a party planner has to make. This is because the venue has to fulfill certain factors including being in sync with the theme, budget and most importantly meet the needs of your guests. If you are organizing a party and have no idea on how to go about it these tips will help you plan a successful event. Step # 1: Make a Big List You should make a global list of all the things that you will need. The list should capture the venue, a play area for kids, marquees in case the event will be held outdoors, an area where photos will be taken, a kitchen area and entertainment area for the party's entertainers. Run-of-the-mill venues include conference halls, church halls, local hotels, schools, colleges, and even museums may provide venues that you might find suitable and appealing. Do not limit yourself to areas that you know since the bigger the list is, the more likely you are to get a venue of choice. Step # 2: Make a Short List and Get Details From the list that you have made choose three, four or five venues that check the most if not all the boxes of your demand list. Schedule personal visits to your venues of choice so that you can interview the people responsible in greater details and have a viewing. Some of the things you should be keen on include the capacity, the parking area, public transport servicing the area, and the reputation of the neighborhood. Additionally, get the pricing details including cancellation fees and down payments. Also, find out if the management provides amenities like chairs, sound address systems, and catering services. If they do, negotiate for a package deal to keep your expenditures on these items low. Step # 3: Book the Venue and Get Confirmation With your choice confirmed, book the venue and get a confirmation in writing. Additionally, a week before the actual event, call the venue's coordinator and confirm that everything is okay. After this you can go on ahead and check out the other items on your list. However come across a 'marquees for sale' sign while looking for a venue, you could buy them and host the party in your backyard.