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What Brand of Memory Foam Mattress is the Best in the Market?

It is a pain to find a good memory foam mattress. You need to try it out for yourself and not rely on what other people are saying. This is because a memory foam mattress is sometimes like a DNA, it is unique.

So, even though it is labelled as a foam with a density of 5 pounds, it may not have the same feel as the others who also has the density of 5 pounds. This is the reason why you need to purchase this mattress from a physical store rather than an online store so you can try it out for yourself. Otherwise, you will just end up hating the mattress and the company that manufactured it.

Tempurpedic is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of mattress foam. They have been coined as the mother of all memory foams. However, their mattresses do not please all their clients. Despite its good manufacturing qualities, some people do not find comfort in their mattresses.

Tempurpedic usually has 5 pounds of density. If you purchase this mattress, expect that it will feel a bit firmer. It will lack the bounce that you are probably used to. This is the best choice for those with severe back pain but not a good choice for people with fewer angles to their body.

Bear in the mind that not all the best ones have a density level of 5 pounds. There were reports that only those with 5 pounds or more of density are made of the highest quality. This is not actually true. There are also well-loved mattresses with 4 pounds or less of density which is the case for the Isoform Bergad Mattress.

Consumers like this because they find it more comfortable for their back. You can choose from various density and not just 5 pounds or higher so you can really find the best one for your body type.

In fact, many people prefer this brand over the more upscale Tempurpedic because this suits well to their comfort preferences. On top of that, it is also pretty supportive mattress that provides the best upper back pain.

But that totally depends on your preferred comfort, of course. Nothing is ever absolute if you are not the one who have experience it first hand. This will just serve as your guide. The decision as to which is the best is still up to you.