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Why Top Grade Motorcycle Jackets Can And Have Saved Many Motorcy

In the hottest In the hottest motorcycle riding states in the US and hotter climate countries around the world see many motorcyclist riding without full riding safety gear. I know Some States In the US and some countries have no enforced regulations for having to ride with a helmet, and in my opinion, that's a Big Mistake!, but just as bad is actually riding without the correct protective riding attire namely, Regulation Motorcycle riding Jackets, Motorcycle Gloves, Motorcycle Eye Wear, Motorcycle Boots, preferably Steel Toed etc.

Yes it's cool to ride in shorts, tank tops, and tee shirts, but believe me it's not so cool when you go down and your sliding down the road or pavement and the concrete is shredding your skin from your flesh. Yes it sounds nasty but no one knows more than I do on how that feels. I have experienced it first hand sliding down the road after someone has just cut you off, or pulled out in-front of you and you swerved to avoid them, lost control and went down and I have the scars to show for trying to look cool.

I can also tell you that I learned from experience that having the right armored protective Jacket, Gloves, steel toed Boots, full Faced Helmet, Eye Wear, and Pants, i would have been shredded to the bone on some occasions. I have also seen accidents that would make you and even the most ardent riders cringe like a baby.

So why am I talking a little more on accidents and not on Motorcycles jackets? It's mainly because I wanted to stress the importance of having the correct safety riding attire and how important it is for you every-ones protection when your out riding.

Believe me, no one looks that cool riding with a vest or tee-shirt and just a pair of shorts on with road rash all over their arms hands and face. Another thing to remember is how important it is to be responsible when you invite someone else to ride along side you or even with you on the back of your Motorcycle. You need to make sure they have the best protection available before they get on the back of your bike. How bad would you feel if they came off your motorcycle with having just a tank top and shorts on?

My final point on the matter is, I know some people think it will never happen to them, and their invincible, but it's a known fact that most accidents happen less than a mile from home. That means just taking a short ride, you should always dress appropriately. The most important two items to wear always when you ride is a DOT recommended Helmet (preferably Full Faced) and a Top Grade Leather Motorcycle Jacket, or a Carbon Nylon Armored Jacket, preferably armored in the Elbows, Shoulders, and Back. Either way, I believe you are protected as much as possible in case of an accident.